putting moderation into AI’s hands (as of it is today) is like giving power to kids to be gatekeepers when they barely have sufficient level of reading comprehension developed yet.

it’s basically cyber-child labour. :)

i'm surprised NFTs and the copyright system is not already linked.

two things seems to be inevitable:
1) technology is becoming transparent (therefore artists & midwits can use it)
2) people are becoming irrelevant (first muscle, then knowledge, and finally creativity)

when we talk about the gender pay gap, why is it always between the gender binary, why aren't we talking about gender pay gap among all the 73 genders?

countries around the world took notes about how facebook censored & manufactured public opinion in order to push an election to their way.

by banning & erasing the democratically elected, sitting president of their own country was such an arrogant move which made facebook lost their remaining credibility: this time not just their users but even countries got alerted.

the upcoming international regulation of social media is a direct & natural consequence of these events.

if you would buy tesla stocks instead of a model 3 ($40k) 1 year ago, you’d have $512k by now.

while at one hand tesla is presenting itself as a green energy company, on the other hand spacex is burning satellites on the atmosphere and burning rocket fuel on an unprecedented rate. i'm surprised no one is questioning the environmental impact of spacex while they are praising tesla.

the satellites spacex launched in 2019 are already half way in their lifecycle before they expire (5 years lifecycle) and burn themselves in the atmosphere. this means while they are creating a dependency on their communication network, spacex will also have to continuously send rockets forever in order to replace the old satellites with new ones to keep up the network, generating infinite amount of work for themselves forever.

loud hair colors are mandatory above a certain level of membership in the woke church to avoid being dismissed.

questioning experts is both an existential threat to the certificate-decorated midwits and also a frightening concept for the conformist masses who lack the capability of critical thinking.

the only reason why corporations (private governments) against a totalitarian government is because they want to be the totalitarian government.

preferred pronouns in social media profiles are the new requirements for the believers of the woke to signal unconditional loyalty to the religion.

what if not just the politicians are stupid, but the people too?

remote work works best with asynchronous communication.

i'd propose to use the more precise 'private government' term instead of the word 'corporation'.

is now available to connect all preppers to the chiral network

feds = central government
state = feudal government
corporations = private governments

only slaves negotiate for a salary. free people negotiate for ownership.

one thing most people aren't realizing with self driving cars: once they are out there, it will immediately bring the rent-a-robo-car / robo-taxi revolution in the same time, which will immediately render car ownership obsolete and prohibitively expensive (will only make sense for collectors with specialties).

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