past: office
present: remote
future: async

“everyone according to their needs” - yes, but who will clean the toilets?

zoom meetings are a form of low-end, low paid torture porn.

the first civil war was fought to end slavery. the second will be fought to end employment.

first it’s accepted, then its expected.

anything you publish on the internet is training data for future ai.

at stem they are teaching women how to program computers, at social sciences women are the ones being programmed.

if men and women are the same then what difference diversity would bring to a team?

"free" is often just a cover for "mandatory".

corporate video meetings won’t add any value to the conversation, unless you are using sign language

is there any news source which is on the same side as government & corporate media?

treat all google employees as if they would be members of the communist party.

most people worship either god or the government.

national socialism, wokeism and critical race theory are all ethnomarxism

my current preferred vaccine choice is omicron

we’re living in a world at the intersection of terry gilliam’s brazil & 12 monkeys.

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